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For great Co- Founders 

Founders Nation is a platform for entrepreneurs and founders. We built it to connect dreamers that wish to make the world a better place through innovation and technology. Founders, that wake up in the morning constantly wondering how to make their dreams a reality. Building a start-up is hard work. It is a journey to create something new and it takes believing in a dream each and every day, often against all odds.

Finding a co-founder is one of the most difficult parts of the process. The goal is to find someone that completes you, someone that will share the burdens and the joys along the way. Someone that will challenge you, drive you to excel, and be there with you in every key moment….someone that had you at hello (Jerry Maguire).


Founders Nation 

Are you looking to join a start-up, partner with a co-founder, or discuss opportunities with founders? You are in the right place. Let Founders Nation lead you to your next Start-up.


You Had Me At Hello!      

Tzachi , our Co-Founder, share his thoughts about the idea behind Founders Nation:

As young professionals, when we first began our journey into the world of entrepreneurship, we were eager to find the perfect co-founders. We constantly read blogs, attending networking events, matchmaking seminars, and asked friends if they knew of someone that would be a good fit for our needs. Nothing was helping us connect with the right people. Over time, the search became daunting almost halting our efforts completely. Finding the right person to partner with for a new business is one of the biggest challenges. However, when you do find the right person you immediately know that everything will change for the better. Through the creation of Founders Nation, we hope to make the process of finding the perfect co-founder simpler for the next generation of entrepreneurs.


Our Team


Tzachi Davidovich

Co-Founder & Maker

Tzachi Co-founded Founders Nation 


Sivan Bender

Community manager Israel

 I am an experienced entrepreneur with a strong business and technology background. I am passionate about creating profitable and life changing business and projects that have an impact on the world. I love working with and helping people and I believe strongly that anything can be done with the right team, the right conviction and plain putting in the effort to do it! 


Guy Franklin 

Co-Founder New York 

Guy manage our operation in New York

Guy is a Certified Public Accountant and a Senior Manager at Ernst & Young New-York office in the Technology, Internet and Life science group.

In January 2013 Guy created an interactive map of Israeli Startups in New-York. In July 2013 he launched a new sister map in Boston.  

Guy Studied Law and Accounting degrees in Tel-Aviv University




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Also featured in:            & Channel 1 (Israel)

Founders Nation   

EU has quickly become a stand out leader in the global start-up scene. With one of the most concentrated start-up populations in the world, it is no secret great co-founders have a unique ability to dream up ideas and realize their potential. Young, talented, motivated, co-founders have what it takes to create winning products and transform them into powerful companies.


"Stop working on your start-up and get a real job" - Your Mom

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Founders Nation

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