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Top Tech Start-Up Trends for 2013

by Maja Sherman on 2/7/2013 12:00:00 AM ยท


Tech Start-up Trends for 2013 


We are six weeks into the year 2013! It's time to look at the top trends for start-ups in the coming year! 


Our phones are becoming more and more important in carrying out daily functions. There is an app for just about everything! Whether you want to find a taxi in a three block radius when it's pouring rain or need help keeping track of credit card bills, it is standard to turn to your phone for help. This attitude and the expectations we have for our cell phones will continue to grow this year. Someone out there is always working to create the next best mobile app on the market. It's all about promoting convenience! 


Another trend will be crowdfunding -- these days technology is all about the collective. In 2012, and raised millions in funding and borrowed additional funding from crowdfunding sources. This model will grow in upcoming months and expand in terms of who is using it. 


Do you sense something? Sensors are becoming more and more common -- everything can be sensed wirelessly. Sensors are becoming more readily available as they become cheaper to make. Look to start-ups like Wattvision and companies like Belkin for examples. Small electronics can house sophisticated navigation systems and more and more products will have the capability to host sensors. 


Another trend for 2013 includes big name companies like Twitter, Quora and Tumblr. While the success of these companies has been great there is one little issue -- how are they going to generate revenue? These companies have a large consumer base and the potential to make it big -- they need to decide how to increase their value. This is something to keep an eye on! 


Finally, 2012 was a good year for starting a business. It will be a challenge for most start-ups to stick it out through 2013. There is a lot of competition. In the coming year, we will see consolidation of talent in the start-up world. The amount of start-ups is currently more than the number of talented people with the ability to work for them! It is possible that talented entrereneurs will come together and combine forces. The vote is in...entrepreneurs that collaborate will be more successful in 2013 than those who do not! 



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