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Are you an entrepreneur? Ten unexpected signs...

by Maja Sherman on 10/8/2012 12:00:00 AM ·

Tons of articles written about entrepreneurship suggest it is not everyone’s calling. And still, the articles continue to list qualities many successful professionals have and that are also found in the some of the world’s best entrepreneurs. Determination, strong work ethic, the power of persuasion, and discipline are just a few…


Grant Cardone has studied entrepreneurship for 25 years. He encourages people to consider the traits they have and how they may work within the world of entrepreneurship. He warns against jumping to conclusions too is possible that traits you consider negative might just help you build a thriving business.


TEN attributes

The following TEN attributes have, at times, been pointed out as negative for entrepreneurs. Not for long!

(1) Hate the status quo: You aren’t just going to go along with what is normal if it can be done in a better way. 


(2) Easily bored: You are easily bored and activities don’t keep you amused easily.  


(3) Fired from jobs in the past: When you do a job you often have too many ideas and think outside the box a little too much to   work with a large, developed team that is closed to change.


(4) “Rebel”: In your mind, rules don’t really apply to you. You like to break them.


(5) Problems with authority: You have always had issues listening to the higher-ups and don’t necessarily agree with the norms    that most people adhere to.


(6) Ready to improve everything: There is always something that could be better…and you aren’t afraid to acknowledge that.  Sometimes you are too eager to point out what is wrong with something even when you are not asked for your opinion.


(7) Bad at small talk: Sometimes making conversation just for the sake of social graces is not appealing to you.


(8) Bullied at a young age: You may have been criticized as a child. This gave you a deep desire to excel and succeed.


(9) Obsessive: It might be difficult for you to let go in certain instances. But, you have a vision for how things should be. This is key in creating a successful product.  


(10) Don’t fit the norms: You’ve always been a bit different from other people. This might be a problem. Or, it can be the key ingredient you need to have the motivation to begin your own company and your own path toward success.


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