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Arthur and Sharon met in Founder Nation and won the second place at The Pitch contest

by Sara Rice on 2/2/2015 12:00:00 AM ยท

Arthur and Sharon won the second place at The Pitch contest. 

The Pitch contest is organized by The Journey, E&Y and Caana. 


"Our story is a classic tale of entrepreneurial business and technology entrepreneur , without a platform like Founders Nation , I doubt if we have meet ," says Sharon Savariego the founder and CEO of Leaderz .

"I tried to ran around with the idea in my head for almost a year and I was looking for a way to make it happen, when my first priority was to find a technology partner at a high level . Arthur Weiner, a serial technology entrepreneur with years of experience in software development, trying to establish a number of start - ups himself until he decided to find a business entrepreneur with idea and join from the beginning".

"Thanks to the Founders Nation we've met eight months ago and set up along the Leaderz , the first platform for managing communities for public organizations , which allows any organization to establish its own social network . After eight months, we managed to meet together more than 50 organizations in Israel and abroad, to develop the platform and to be accepeted to incubator start - ups , TheJunction".


Leaderz, The Pitch contest


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