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Who is the right Co-founder

by Nitzan Shmaiser on 5/28/2013 12:00:00 AM ·

Many software and technology start-up business owners forget the essential meaning of “co” in the word co-founder. A co-founder is a full-fledged partner who is credited with the development and success of the business as the founder. A co-founder is also handsomely rewarded with a significant stake in the business.

What a co-founder is not; is someone who is essentially considered to be hired help to assist an owner/developer to establish a business or concept. Here lies the misconception that is costing many software and technology start-up businesses the technical brainpower needed to garner them the solid success that they desire.

Therefore, knowing and acknowledging the function of a co-founder will help you secure the right one for any software or technology start-up business.

Here are a few functions of a co-founder:

  • Equal passion for the business’ success: A co-founder must be on the same wavelength of tenacity as the founder. This passion should be evident in the person’s vision for the company, general attitude, and past success record.

  • Complementary skills and overall respectfulness: The co-founder’s skills should enhance that of the founder. Even if the co-founder is more technologically advanced than the founder; his/her attitude and general mannerism should be one of support, facilitation, and courtesy.

  • In for the long haul: A co-founder must demonstrate willingness to stand by the business or concept for however long it takes and whatever it takes for it to be fully established. Their own personal goals should be in alignment with the growth rate and development of the business.


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Who is the right Co-founder

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