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Renata Schulthess
Zurich, Switzerland
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I'm a:Business Dev/Designer
I'm looking for:Marketing Wizard/UX
Industry:Social Networking
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Renata Schulthess

My location

Zurich, Switzerland

I have an idea and I'm looking for a Co-Founder

I'm Renata Schulthess, founder and former creative director of Filhas de Gaia and Paleti, where I successfully fused innovative design with strategic vision. I am determined to create solutions that empower individuals and promote community well-being. My latest venture, LIVETOB, is aimed at personal growth and well-being. My primary contributions to a startup would include: Creative Vision: Bringing innovative ideas and unique perspectives to the table, ensuring the product stands out in a competitive market. Strategic Planning: Leveraging my experience in brand development and market positioning to create a strong, cohesive strategy for growth and sustainability. Team Leadership: Utilizing my leadership skills to build and motivate a dynamic team, fostering a collaborative and productive work environment.
What am I looking for
LIVETOB app, promotes a personalized vision of success that values well-being and personal fulfillment above societal standards. By facilitating the immersion in diverse realities and the exchange of inspiring routines, LIVETOB offers new perspectives and fosters mutual support among its users. The perfect Co-Founder for LIVETOB would embody the following qualities: Passion and Vision: Someone who shares a deep passion for redefining success and well-being, and who believes in the transformative power of our idea. Complementary Skills: A partner with strengths in areas that complement mine, such as technical expertise in app development, user experience design, or marketing and growth strategies. Collaborative Spirit: A team player who values open communication, mutual respect, and collaboration, and who can work effectively in a dynamic and evolving environment. Entrepreneurial Mindset: Someone with a proactive and resilient approach, who is not afraid to take risks and can navigate the challenges of a startup with creativity and determination. Alignment of Values: A person who prioritizes authenticity, community, and personal growth, and who is committed to fostering these values within our platform and our team.
My idea's stage
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