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Sameer Gori
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I'm a:Business Dev/Marketing Wizard
I'm looking for:Coder/UX
Industry:Internet - Consumer
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Sameer Gori

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I have an idea and I'm looking for a Co-Founder

Sameer Gori: As the founder and CEO of the company, Sameer Gori brings a wealth of entrepreneurial experience and expertise in business development and branding. He has successfully established multiple online stores, serving a base of around 600 satisfied customers. Sameer holds a degree from Mumbai University and is well-versed in digital marketing, copywriting, and internal audits. His passion for driving business growth and his keen insights into customer behaviour have been pivotal in shaping the company's direction. Manish Ravidas: Co-founder and CTO, Manish Ravidas, is a skilled educator with a background in Computer Science from R.P Degree College. He has expertise in areas such as Adobe Illustrator and is actively engaged in learning Python programming. Manish's commitment to education extends beyond his role as a part-time lecturer; his proficiency in UI/UX design and development adds a valuable layer to the team's technical capabilities. His curiosity and dedication to continuous learning are instrumental in the platform's innovation and evolution. Together, Sameer and Manish form a dynamic duo that combines entrepreneurial vision with technical excellence, laying the foundation for the startup's growth and success.
What am I looking for
Our idea, FeedbackLearn, is a revolutionary platform that bridges the gap between brands and customers through authentic feedback and actionable insights. We're in the early stages of development, where our focus is on creating an MVP to test our concept's viability and refine our offerings. In our perfect co-founder, we're seeking someone who's not just a tech enthusiast but also a driving force behind innovation. We're looking for a tech-savvy individual who can translate our vision into reality by developing a cutting-edge website that's user-friendly and scalable. As a tech-forward startup, we recognize the critical role technology plays in our success. Our ideal co-founder should have a passion for coding, a strong grasp of UI/UX design, and a knack for problem-solving. We believe that their technical prowess combined with our business acumen will create a synergy that propels FeedbackLearn to new heights in the market.
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"Nothing works better than just improving your product" - Joel Spolsky

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