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Emily Nguyen
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I'm a:Business Dev/Product
I'm looking for:Business Dev/Product
Industry:Internet - Business
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Emily Nguyen

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I have an idea and I'm looking for a Co-Founder

Accomplishment My experience in financing, Online Marketing, Public Speaker, Business Development, Fintech and Cryptocurrency Investment in decade. I was a former partner of some well-known forex broker such as: FXPro, FXTM. I was a founder of some companies for providing soft skills and financial courses. Education * AFC Global Education, CFO Certificate, Finance (2019 - 2020) * Hanoi Tourism College, Bachelor, Hospitality Management (2010-2013) Employment * Founder of TCA Group (2021 - present) * Co-Founder at QLQ Capital (2017 - 2021) * Master IB at FXTM (2016 - 2017) * Forex Investor (2014-2017) * Senior Manager at Bhip Global (2013-2017)
What am I looking for
Our platform help investors find investment opportunities, token/ coin analysis and valuation in 3 minutes regardless of their starting point. With the philosophy of simplify, The "charts" complex and in-depth capital analysis data so that all individual investors, even without much financial knowledge, can still understand and use it. * Progress: I have been working on this nearly 1 year. So I have already beta version of some products in my platform. Ideal co-founder - Deep market/ business development/ operator experience - Fluent in English Speaking - Interested in crypto market - Positive thinking
My idea's stage
I am looking for Co-founder that can contribute at least:
week hous
a week
I can contribute at least :*
Full Time
week hous
a week
"Love is not important only equity counts" - Your devil's advocate

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