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Alex Brown
Los Angeles, CA, United States
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Los Angeles, CA, United States

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PseudoUridine (abbreviated by Ψ) or 5-ribosyluracil, is an isomer of uridine (U), and unlike uracil in uridine, which is linked to ribose by a carbon-nitrogen bond (C1-N1), uridine and ribose of Ψ are linked by a carbon-carbon bond (C1-C5). Uracil and ribose are connected by a C1-C5 bond in Ψ, so its structure is more flexible and has an additional site for hydrogen bonding than uridine, and the overlap effect in RNA is higher than that of uridine. Ψ was first discovered as early as 1951. It is well known that Ψ is the most common modification in cellular RNA and is found in all domains of organisms. Therefore, Ψ is known as the "fifth nucleoside" in addition to A, U, C and G.
What am I looking for
As the most abundant modification of RNA, PseudoUridine may affect the structure, function, location and half-life of RNAs. PseudoUridine modifications have been found in transfer RNA (tRNA), ribosomal RNA (rRNA), small nuclear RNA (snRNA), and have important roles for these abundant non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs). For instance, PseudoUridine in rRNA contributes to rRNA processing and protein synthesis, PseudoUridine in tRNA is critical for local structure and decoding, and PseudoUridine in snRNA affects snRNP splicing that facilitates the cleavage of precursor mRNA by spliceosomes. Because widespread pseudouridylation events have been identified in the transcriptome of yeast, mice and humans, further studies have found PseudoUridine modified RNA species such as messenger RNA (mRNA). It is worth noting that the function of PseudoUridine in mRNA remains to be discovered, but some studies suggested that PseudoUridine in the stop codon may cause translation readthrough. PseudoUridine may also be used by cells as a symbol to recognize their own versus foreign RNAs, for example, innate immune proteins such as RIG-I and protein kinase R could recognize viral RNAs that do not contain PseudoUridine, leading to initiation of an immune response.
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"Stop working on your start-up and get a real job" - Your Mom

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