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Hong Kong
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I'm a:Business Dev/Designer
I'm looking for:Coder
Industry:Mobile Apps

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Hong Kong

I have an idea and I'm looking for a Co-Founder

Hi people, we are Boris and Victor from Hong Kong. We are a young duo in the process of developing a hiking app. We are both hike enthusiasts and have been doing recreational hike and competitive trail running for more than two years. We studied business and management in university. Me, Boris, become a product (UXUI) designer and Victor become a marketer and sales. All skills are transferable to the business idea we current work on.
What am I looking for
We have experienced tons of hiking apps and we sure enjoy a lot of it (shout out to The Hiking Project) and some with outstanding features too (Carin, where it shares your real-time progress and location with family or friends for their peace of mind; Peakvisor, where it names peaks by scanning the mountain). But we must say we have itches that have yet to be scratched. While my beloved brand Garmin (he says Coros meh) has taken care of our hiking activity, we find it troublesome to keep track of all the mountains we have visited each year and as a whole. And although most mountain are worth multiple visits; we find ourselves playing favourites when we lost inspiration as to where we should go next. We used to have a spreadsheet for the documentation, but C’mon, there has to be a better way to visualise our hiking history. Hiking, just like any endurance sport, requires mental toughness, where we constantly fight through despair (you know that feel when you are going up hill and it’s like never ending or when you are out of breath but your stop request is declined by your mates). And as we climb all the way to the mountain top, if we are not immediately given a medal, at least we should get recognised for our blood, sweat and tears. Give us that sense of accomplishment! Give us that motivation to go further in our journey of hike! That’s why we designed this app. We have been on this project for two months now and have validated our business idea with future customers and business partners, handled the detail of our business and we have now finalised the design as well as produced a workable prototype. And you bet, we are looking for a technical co-founder to join us. We must stress that we are not seeking a full-stack developer to do everything for us. Rather we want a reliable person who would manage the technical aspects, someone who knows the language and could represent us to deal when we are hiring and operating, as we are not qualified at all to pick up these tasks. And most importantly, we want you to trust that we can provide more for the hiking community. If you are interested in gambling with the idea, love the technical side, enjoy hiking and based in Hong Kong (at current stage, we are focusing on mountains in Hong Kong only), we would love to have a chat with you ASAP. We know how difficult it can be to make ends meet in Hong Kong, so if you are only interested in doing this as a side hustle at first, you are totally welcome too! If you or any of your friend are interested, just drop us an email (waikinhiking and we will be in touch!
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"Stop working on your start-up and get a real job" - Your Mom

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