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Pedro Teixeira
Silicon Valley, US
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I'm a:Business Dev/Product
I'm looking for:Coder/Designer
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Pedro Teixeira

My location

Silicon Valley, US

I have an idea and I'm looking for a Co-Founder

I am the Founder and CEO of a software as a service tech Startup where we use tech to allow and enhance peoples brains capacity to absorb and comprehend information at exponentially higher speeds. Ranging from two times to as high as beyond four times faster. With this brain skill people can do personal and professional activities faster, being able to finish them far faster and thus having insane gains in productivity, time and convenience in their lives. This can also be used on educational content and thus also allowing accelerated learning and very fast personal and professional qualification. I have already developed such brain skill on myself and yes, it is very disruptive and a life revolutionary skill to have. I want to bring this to the world so everyone else can also have this super skill. Everything in and about our product/service is highly validated and science based. We already have a team and board with over one hundred years of experience, two of them being angel investors. All I'm looking for is a long term hands on dev (could also be CTO) that will do the work to build our MVP and help in the future stages of the company/product in exchange for equity in the company. At this stage its ok to work part-time on it if necessary. We sell on several markets that grow more than twenty percent a year with global scalability potential and very high acceptance of the public(1 in every 2 people average) for our product/service (already have clients waiting and paying clients and donators even without fully finished working product at all). The maintenance cost of our service is very low and our monthly price people accept to pay for is higher than Netflix, which means we have very high profit margins. With all of this we can easily be a multibillionaire company. We can also sell at the models B2C, B2B etc... (possibly also simultaneously) My location is Brazil, São Paulo, São Paulo. Not available to select on site.
What am I looking for
If I was Steve Jobs and I have apple idea on my hand, one could say I am looking for a Wozniak. A hands on tech Dev guy who can code and do the hands on work that our company and product needs for our MVP and future stages. This being an equity deal, and such dev would be able to have the chance to be our CTO and have higher leadership positions later in the company. My ideal Co-founder is easy to work with and cooperative. Knows how to work as a team and communicate. He is emotionally mature and cares about doing and delivering the best high quality work He is someone that is eager to be a part of and work on something that can impact billions of people and change the world. He sees money as a consequence, not as his driver.
My idea's stage
I am looking for Co-founder that can contribute at least:
week hous
a week
I can contribute at least :*
Full Time
week hous
a week
"Stop working on your start-up and get a real job" - Your Mom

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