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Mahsa Mohammadkhani
London, UK
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I'm a:Coder/UX
I'm looking for:Business Dev/Product
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Mahsa Mohammadkhani

My location

London, UK

I’m looking to join a startup as Co-Founder

Looking to join as a tech cofounder, Full Stack Developer, Founder of Lanternoid. I have been a tech solo founder for the past 2 years. I have built an AI book recommender system (Machine learning) and served it on a website with 700+ users. I also built a review summariser (data mining + NLP). I am still working on the idea, but I'd prefer to collaborate with others in a team on their idea. [Tech skills] I am a full stack developer. I have 8+ years of experience working in big and small companies. I have set up AI systems in my startup and during my employment.I have developed an already up and running website with most of the necessary functionalities, and I have a great advisor for AI if needed. [Entrepreneurship skills] Over the last 2 years, I have worked on an idea, pivoted, talked to many customers to understand their problem and needs, and learned by experience the path from an idea to a successful market-fit. I learned about marketing, UX, and the right questions to ask to validate a problem. I know about different communities that are useful resources for a startup. [About me]I am an ambitious individual, hardworking, fast learner and believe in collaboration. I love learning, so any new challenges are like a new opportunity for me. I am looking for an idea with a great vision, scalability and something that matches my skill set. I believe in making a great working culture, and a truly useful product for customers. I can work full time on the idea if needed. I won't be able to relocate. I don't mind the type of skills you have, I could not select more than 2 skills for the cofounder.
I can contribute at least :*
week hous
a week
It's not that we need new ideas, but we need to stop having old ideas- Edwin Land

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