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Malcolm Lee
New York, US
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I'm a:Business Dev/Product
I'm looking for:Coder/Sales
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Malcolm Lee

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New York, US

I have an idea and I'm looking for a Co-Founder

I have 10 years of experience working in the startup space , and have seen my family run a company for years. This coupled with my knowledge as a Neuroscience researcher with a background in business, research, and technology startups make my vision of the language learning process crystal clear. I know what language learners need, and how to get this to customers. I can also find all the pieces you need to ensure your work environment is comfortable, and profitable as I have built great relationships within the Edtech space. My work experience includes project management, business development, biological research, and language learning in the classroom setting. Having secure a pilot for our VR language learning app as well as initial funding to get started, I have proven I can open doors in the market and connect with potential customers and employees. I have experience managing small teams to create projects for UX/UI design, databases, and meeting company wide goals. I am passionate about how the brain learns, language learning, and helping others uncover their learning gifts by creating new gaming and VR technologies. My passion, creative thinking, levelheadedness, experiences running a startup, finding opportunities, and managing products will make the development process as painless and enjoyable as possible.
What am I looking for
My perfect cofounder has the following attributes. Technical Expertise is the most obvious, but still important to note. In software, often a huge amount of tooling and software libraries available for many routine tasks that software developers face. Knowing what exists and the pros and cons of each tool and library can save your company a huge amount of time and money. It also saves your company from reinventing the wheel or using a less efficient tool. Experience is also important. I want the the CTO to know what generally makes or breaks a great product, and can help us get to market as quickly as possible. This knowledge can come from experience ideally from other startups and/or learning from other companies. Communication skills are critical, and the ideal CTO translates business goals to technical goals for your software developers. We are looking for someone not only with technical expertise but also be excellent at communication. Deadline Management is also an important skill. The team is going to be busy, as we have 14 people who do everything from UI design to marketing so we are probably extremely busy. The only thing we are missing is a CTO, and there will be deadlines. A great CTO should be able to know how much his team can deliver in how much time. Not only that, he should be able to inspire his team to successfully meet these deadlines. Team Management is also a plus. I am looking for someone who is great at technology, but also at managing a team. Inspiring the technical team to keep focusing and working towards the goals. I'd like to launch before May 2021, and even though we are remote, I'd like to work with someone who can help me to stimulate an environment where employees reach their maximum potential and to make sure the Gabb Global team is more than the sum of all employees.
My idea's stage
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"Love is not important only equity counts" - Your devil's advocate

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