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London, UK
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I'm a:Designer/Product
I'm looking for:Coder/Marketing Wizard
Industry:Internet - Consumer

My location

London, UK

I have an idea and I'm looking for a Co-Founder

I have been working in childcare, youth work and with family ideas and events for over 20 years and know definitely what is missing in terms of information for families as I provide information to parents around me all the time. I am a published poet in my native country, a bibliophile, an artist and a mum of 3 teenagers who has sought information on similar websites and know what is missing. My children and I used to do a huge amount of crafts,arts,go places,bake,cook when they were younger and I have a large amount of photos.
What am I looking for
I have had most of the website done though it is not live. It is an interactive directory of family events worldwide with some details that distinguish it among the other websites of that nature. We would post ideas as a company and also the public will be able to,all in photos and videos. Now,the website comprises Event and Craft idea sections of posting and seraching for those,but later Cookery/Recipe section (with private posts of cooking/baking with children in photos),celebration of various festivities. I have got tons of material to fill it out with and also the website would then branch out into more unique features. I have thousands of photos for those fields as well. It is a huge,highly popular market with vast potential. The market would be for all families,mainly with children of all ages. It would be a cornucopia of detailed information about family events, places to visit,things to do and a lot more . In the current baby boom,the market is huge especially as I would like it to be worldwide, with a directory of all countries included from the start. Competitions are numerous but they all seem to do very well as the family market is normally buoyant. I have done tons of research over the years and spoken to many parents I know or have worked with and they are amazed about the information I have on outings with children. Some regularly text me during school holidays to ask me about certain events they cannot find out about. I have had the basic website almost done but there are a few features that need fixing,then I would start filling it up with data and emailing potential clients. My main problem has been lack of funding for the IT side. I have received lots of positive feedback from people in that industry. We need a good, reliable web developer who would finish the website then help with online marketing, optimization, affiliated websites and later add more pages and maintain the website... I would contact thousands of family and children's event/ product organizations and ask them to post events on our website. We would place adverts in papers, send out leaflets... I see the business growing to be one of top online interactive information sources for family entertainment, outdoor pursuits, outings for any pocket that would enrich the childhoods of millions of children and contribute to making memories among families.
My idea's stage
I am looking for Co-founder that can contribute at least:
week hous
a week
I can contribute at least :*
week hous
a week
"Stop working on your start-up and get a real job" - Your Mom

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