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Lehel Kovach
Boston, US
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I'm a:Coder/Product
I'm looking for:Business Dev/Sales
Industry:Internet - Consumer

My location

Boston, US

I have an idea and I'm looking for a Co-Founder

Inventor, Engineer and Entrepreneur. Super creative and a problem-solving mind, I have amassed a plethora of ideas that would help people with novel solutions, innovate and be useful and desired by others. I have business plans, designs and some prototypes for some of my inventions, I have the engineering background to develop any tech from idea to MVP with 20 years of engineering experience, that includes building web and mobile apps from the ground up, AI engineering and research, game development as well as being knowledgeable of new tools and tech that comes out in order to utilize. Most of my professional career consisted of working for startup companies, as well as consulting to startups, and finally, being a cofounder and CTO of a previous startup. I am very passionate about developing as many of my inventions as possible, I am wanting to find partners who have business development and management experience and education. Since every entrepreneur wanting to found a startup usually has a business plan and/or idea that they want someone like me to help develop as their tech co-founder, I am open to pooling our resources and developing your idea(s) in tandem with one of mine. I don't want to just create a startup around one product. I want to start a company that's mission is to develop great technologies and products for consumers through being a syndicate of business partners helping each other develop useful and viable products to revolutionize and better the world. Oh, and I have big vision and drive to aim high with wide-market products .
What am I looking for
As stated before, my ideas are numerous. Some of what I am working on is AI-driven products like a virtual life-coach app, a cloud-based personal assistant, a bartering app, a web service that will facilitate the semantic web that will function like a wikipedia 2.0 for human topics, an AI as a service that will provide the smartest AI to provide intelligence to drones and robots, an app to be an for online groups, to name a few. The perfect co-founder would have an MBA, have experience with business growth, knows how to network and as driven as i am. Ideally, someone who loves my vision and wants to share in launching and growing a business I outlined above--a 50/50 partner.
My idea's stage
I am looking for Co-founder that can contribute at least:
week hous
a week
I can contribute at least :*
week hous
a week
"Stop working on your start-up and get a real job" - Your Mom

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