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Albert Sadoyan
Los Angeles, CA, United States
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I'm a:Marketing Wizard/Sales
I'm looking for:Coder
Industry:Mobile Apps

My location

Los Angeles, CA, United States

I have an idea and I'm looking for a Co-Founder

We are ecommerce/digital marketing agency. We majorly operate in Europe and US markets, but recently have started a project in Russia. You can check it We are 11 people in our team - copywriters, project managers in Germany, Italy and France, graphic designer, photographer and marketers. I'm 25 and was born in Armenia, lived in US for a time and travel there for business reasons. As I had experience working with Startup companies, I came up with this idea and want to setup a company in Delaware company and start a fundraiser.
What am I looking for
I have an idea for a startup, which will contribute in evolvement of postcards. Now we are looking for a Developer to join our team. It's mostly a B2B oriented idea and now we are looking for a developer to join our team. We'll need an app for Shopify, Prestashop, Magento and other popular ecommerce platforms. Also it will require a Development of PWA/Mobile application.
My idea's stage
I am looking for Co-founder that can contribute at least:
week hous
a week
I can contribute at least :*
week hous
a week
It's not that we need new ideas, but we need to stop having old ideas- Edwin Land

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