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Sampath Lellampati
Berlin, Germany
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I'm a:Coder/Product
I'm looking for:Marketing Wizard/Sales
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Sampath Lellampati

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Berlin, Germany

I’m looking to join a startup as Co-Founder

I have over Ten Years of professional experience in web and mobile technologies. I started my career as a desktop engineer and took an early dive into entrepreneurship as a freelancer. I feel fortunate to experience failures at the early stage of my career and learning what not to do (most importantly starting something without the right team). Later moved into 9to5 jobs to provide security to my family as promised earlier. Most of my experience is in service industries where am involved in developing products for other businesses and startups. I have worked with various startups (bootstrapped, seed-funded, VC backed). My main strength is research and learning new technologies. I started with PHP but later got more proficient in Javascript, Node, Angular. I also have good knowledge of C#, Java, Dart, and Flutter. Starting my career with Hardware & Networking gave me the advantage of configuring and managing servers and IT infrastructure. This means I know very well about scaling an application with cloud service providers like AWS and Azure using Docker and Kubernetes. Currently working on converting Monolith application to Micro-services application which I think is the future of web and mobile apps. Get in touch to know more about me and a possible association.
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It's not that we need new ideas, but we need to stop having old ideas- Edwin Land

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