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John Douglas
San Francisco, CA, United States
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I'm a:Coder/Product
I'm looking for:Business Dev/Marketing Wizard
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John Douglas

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San Francisco, CA, United States

I’m looking to join a startup as Co-Founder

I'm a former CTO/investor of a successful startup in Singapore have worked with 10+ startup mostly with my consultancy where I employ 45 software engineers. I code everyday and am struggling with a github addiction. I'm not an elite engineer, but I know one when I interview one and can deep dive on most technical topics. I like building things. For a stack of reasons, I can't bring product and/or services on my own and I've seen the multiplier effect of a co-founder. I think the difference between building what you own and building for someone is having a baby vs. baby-sitting. Categorically different. I commute from SE Asia to Denver about ever 6 weeks and normally transit in San Francisco. For a bunch of good reasons, I'll mark San Francisco, but geography needn't be the determining factor in success.
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It's not that we need new ideas, but we need to stop having old ideas- Edwin Land

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