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Gina Fitzgerald
New York, US
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I'm a:Business Dev/Marketing Wizard
I'm looking for:Coder/UX
Industry:Internet - Business

My location

New York, US

I have an idea and I'm looking for a Co-Founder

Hello...I am a go-getter, always have been. I have been in Strategy and M&A corporate world for the last 8 years, have been project manager/and assistant for many projects, along with major parts in Business Development and Due Diligence. I am a hard worker, and have been asked to work with other companies, but am now taking the time to build this company.
What am I looking for
Hello! My company is a platform that benefits both the consumers and business, through quality vetting and video feedback. Of course, much more to this, and would express more to whom would be interested in co-founding this company with me I have a website, I have a business plan, I have a crowdfunding campaign being built, I have a marketing plan, along with other things that are on hold due to the MVP being built, and a person (team) to brainstorm with to build a great foundation and company to go to possibly angel investing etc... I have been working on this startup for almost two years, I have been to Techday in NY, great feedback with everyone and everything I have been putting out there, through networking, Meetups, etc. The work on consumer and business research for the last year has been great on the feedback, ideas others bring to the plate for the company, and companies that want to sign up. So its been good and have enjoyed the experience of it all I have even been accepted by a NY State program to pay me while I am building this company - which is hard to get into. I am glad they see the vision and what I have done this far to show my company. I had been laid off in January of this year, which was a blessing in disguise for it has given me the opportunity to push forward with this idea. I am now at the point in search for a co-founder, as described above. thank you for consideration, and am available anytime to discuss. Gina
My idea's stage
I am looking for Co-founder that can contribute at least:
week hous
a week
I can contribute at least :*
Full Time
week hous
a week
"Love is not important only equity counts" - Your devil's advocate

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