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Boston, US
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I'm a:Business Dev/Marketing Wizard
I'm looking for:Coder/Product
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Boston, US

I’m looking to join a startup as Co-Founder

Lance Berks was most recently. Senior Vice President of Marketing & Business Development at Everysight, developers of the Raptor AR smartglasses for the outdoor consumer market. Lance has been with Everysight since 2014, focused on marketing and business development. Lance was involved in introducing a top down bottom up strategy that has been directly linked to Everysight achieving global recognition. Based in Boston, MA, Lance is an accomplished cyclist and a seasoned technology entrepreneur. He has 25 years experience in the internet, mobile, and telecommunications industries. Lance began his career in 1994 in South Africa where he was responsible for establishing the region's first chain of retail outlets for mobile phones in the consumer market for Teljoy. Later, Lance held senior business development roles at Internet Solutions (Africa's largest ISP, which was acquired by Dimension Data) and OzEmail (a NASDAQ listed Australian company, which was acquired by MCI WorldCom in 1999). Lance founded Holly Connects in 2000 and worked as CEO to build a global organization with offices in Sydney, London, and Boston, processing over 2.5B minutes per annum. Holly was acquired by its largest US customer, West Corporation, in June 2010. Lance has been an advisor to entrepreneurs and investors developing innovative products and services, and was the catalyst in developing the initial business case for a USD$50 million venture fund established by the MTN Group.
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It's not that we need new ideas, but we need to stop having old ideas- Edwin Land

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