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 You have an idea and you're looking for a Co-Founder or You're looking to join a startup as a Co-Founder. 

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2. Select what best describes your skills and what kind of skills you want your Co-Founder will have.

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3. Tell us about yourself and about what you're searching for in your Co-Founder. If you have an idea, it's all the place to share a high level description of your idea.

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4. Optional but recommended: you can share if you had a successful 1st venture OR if you are from 8200/Mamram OR if you  have an investment. It will really improve your chances to find a better Co-Founder.  Once we will verify the information with you, it will automatically appear on your profile as a badge.

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5. Select how many hours in a week you can contribute. It's really important to founders to know your availability and some would  only approach founders that are willing to join full time. 

In the end you can share a link that shows your Linkedin profile or other link that's relevant. 

6. Pick your subsciption 

Once you'll open your profile:

You can change your display name, image, and preferences at any time by visiting your profile. The best way to get started in the community is to to check out our Co-founder search and then just jump right in and participate! 

From your personal profile you'll be able to manage your Favorite Co-Founders and to send personal message through our system to other Co-founders. 

Once you find your match, let us know! We love supporting our success stories and their companies. 
It's not that we need new ideas, but we need to stop having old ideas- Edwin Land

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